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Although people are using their phones more than ever before, studies say that people across all age groups—particularly millennials—are lonelier than ever.

That’s why this new texting platform is aiming to spread kindness and connection all over the world by allowing people to send and receive compassionate texts from strangers.

Text for Humanity, the world’s first texting switchboard, was launched by cloud communications company Sinch in partnership with Mental Health America as a means of fighting social isolation from people’s cell phones.

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“Although we’re using our phones to communicate 24/7, many often feel worse mentally, not happier,” said Jonathan Bean, Sinch’s Chief Marketing Officer. “People are rightly asking tough questions of the digital and social tech that’s become so ingrained in our lives so quickly.

“It prompted us to think—what if we could harness mobile communication as a pushback against online negativity, instead of a trigger?” he continued. “It’s why we’ve partnered with Mental Health America to take on online negativity, one positive text at time. We all love our phones, but it’s time for our phones to love us back.”

All users have to do is text the word “Join” to the corresponding Text for Humanity phone number of their country.

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After that, users will simply be asked for their first name and country of origin before they’re ready to write a kind message up to 160 characters long. Each text is then sent to another random user somewhere in the world. In return, the user receives a sweet text from another random stranger.

Users can send and receive up to five texts every day. Since the service launched in 23 different countries, more than 7,000 kind texts have been exchanged.

Mental Health America CEO and president Paul Gionfriddo said: “We know there is a lot of negativity online these days—and by taking a minute to deliver a simple, positive message to someone who may need it, each of us can help brighten someone’s day and lift up their overall mental well-being.”

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